Enrichment Mini-Courses Program

The Enrichment Mini-Courses Program is a unique annual event in the world of Canadian education.

Since its creation in 1981, over 50,000 talented students – from grades 8 to 11 in Eastern Ontario, and Secondary II to V in Western Quebec – have been given the opportunity of exploring a field of study or area of interest in a university or college setting. These students have acquired knowledge and skills that will help them achieve academic success and stimulate their interest in pursuing post-secondary studies.

Program Description

The Enrichment Mini-Courses Program is offered every year during the first week of May. During that time, participating post-secondary institutions offer approximately 125 mini-courses, drawing nearly 3000 students from grades 8 to 11 in Ontario, and secondary levels II to V in Quebec.

Mini-courses are offered in a variety of disciplines, such as information technology, psychology, engineering, journalism, music and law. They are highly interactive; they combine brief presentations, practical exercises, laboratory exercises, group discussions and field expeditions; and they provide an unforgettable learning experience!

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When does the Enrichment Mini-Courses Program (EMCP) take place?

May 6 to 10, 2019. 

The registration period is over.

How will I know in which course I am placed?

Results are now available. Students can know if they were placed in a course of their choosing by going into their online account. The status of their application will be displayed as well as the name of their course.

What happens if I am not placed?
Students who are not placed will be invited to select an alternate course from March 25 at 7 am. First come – first serve!

Can I withdraw from the Program and get reimbursed?
Placed students who no longer wish to participate have until March 1 to withdraw from the program and receive a reimbursement of the tuition fees. To validate a withdrawal, a student must provide his school representative the signed form for approval.